What We Provide

What We Provide

horse happy birthday sign
All around fun for all ages- if you can dream it we can create it!
We are delighted to bring the party to you! Our trained therapy horses will happily hoof it on over to your place- to celebrate! These celebrations can include but are not limited to: weddings, religious events, schools, camps, senior centers and more. We specialize in birthday happenings! Shhhh, we know how to rock princess parties and cowboy shin digs! We will keep the hay flying, for sure!
Foxy, Cupid and Trinket love to “dress up”- they always need a little help- so why not jump in and decorate. All parties include time for a “photo shoot”- where you can take pictures of your guests with our four legged friends- They love to horse around!

***(These horses are little- they are 25” tall and 28 “ tall. They cannot be ridden.)***

Package Options

With our packages you may select 3 activities, one craft, decorating the horses and a photo session where you can take pictures of the party guests with the horses.

We will gladly meet with you to discuss your activity ideas and offer you some thoughts- you have the option of designing your own party or allowing us to design it for you. People support what they create- we are here for you!

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